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Well been using it for over 3 weeks. It seems to deep clean! im one who gets big pores and this seems to clean them up....I now only get the acne im suppose to since im still growing...no red face no more!!!

anymore success stories?

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=D> I also used honey but more when I had more acne and cystic acne especially. My naturopath suggested it, she is from South America. She told me to put it on for 15 minutes once a day after I washed my face, then wash it off. You can combine it with the bentonite clay (powdered from h.f. store) if you wish to make a mask, but I found using it just plain was good. I need to start using it again, as combined with using the niacinimide cream which I have on hand for any pimples starting, esp. the cystic, really helps.

How do you use it? I had acne really bad a year ago, still have some red marks and scars but they are slowly fading.

Karen aka Newcastlegirl

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So far been using it twice a day once in morning after shower and once at night. I just apply it smoothing it out on my face all over. Leaving it on for 15 to an half hour. The washing it off most of the time with warm water. and thats all i use against my acne. I use some saylanic acid but rarely now. :D/

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