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i got a question!!

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k...heres my question, i started the regimn in september and used it till december, then i broke out into a horrible rash and the doc said to stop using it....since then i have been using cetiphil cleanser, vaseline (pure petrolunm jelly) at nite, and aloe vera under my makeup in the morning. and my zits still haven't came back even though i no longer use any acne related products. i do however still get a rash if i don't put on the vaseline at night. ....i have been going crazy trying to eat heathlyer for the past 3 months...but i dun't think it really effects my skin cuz it lookes exactally the same as it did the first 3 months without bp. i was just wondering if with the products im using if its possible that they are keeping the zits away...or if i should continue to eat really heathly cuz thats the only thing thats prevnting them from comming back........any suggestions would be really helpful bc my life is getting so krazy...always obsessing over food..and wut to eat and wut not 2 eat!!


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thanx 4 the help, but wut i was really wondering is that is it possible 4 the cetiphil, vaseline and aloe vera to be keeping me clear alone?? could it have to do with balancing out the ph level in ur skin??


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