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Does accutane cause scarring for ppl w/ combination or not oily skin?

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Hello all,

I am 21 andhave tries everything to clear up my acne all the lotions all the antibiotics....nothing has helped. However, my acne is mild (i dont get too many pimples at a time) but the pimples i do get are painful and pus filled and take a 1week-2weeks to heal. My question is that after I wash my face it feels tight, I usually need a very light moisturizer in the winter. However in the summer ( i live in texas) I have to wash my face 3X a day b/c my face gets very oily. My derm thinks I should go on accutane, howeever it is colder outside right now and my face isnt so oily I am very scared I will scar worse than a person with very oily skin. Most ppl that have posted their pics b4 they went on accutane have much oilier faces than me. What do you guys think, Is accutane right for me even though my skin is oily?


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There is a simple answer to your post -- accutane doesn't cause scarring for anyone, no matter what type of skin you have.

If you are interested... the two most common causes of scarring at the face is: a) acne, and b) picking at your acne.

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