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Hi and welcome. I think you should consider dermabrasion with Dr. Yarborough. You may need more than one, but I really think that a dep dermabrasion by skilled hands is your best bet. In his before and after photos, there was a man who had scarring very similar to yours, but more severe and after 3 dermabrasions, his skin looked almost normal. I think you do have substantial scarring and that you should bypass all of the less invasive things becaus they are not going to work. I think you should pull out the big guns right away. I do think it's important to understand that real improvement will be incremental, will require time, patience, and money. But, I think there is every reason to believe that you could get substantial improvement. Thank you for the pics and best of luck.


Hello Everyone.

I have spent countless hours researching this site. Please gime me honest constructive feedback on the severity of my scars and what I can possibly do about them. I tried to take the pics in the worst possible lighting which seems to be fluorescents, from angles that show the craters and texture. Please advise. I realize they are bad, I don't want prayers like some people give to others with severe scarring, just advice or references to where I may seek treatment, if any. Thank you in advance, and I'd like to encourage others to start posting REAL scar pictures so people who really need help can begin this process. Thank you in advance.

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You have significant improvement in the pic. What is the single best treatment that worked for your scars? Please let us know how fraxel goes. I have had cooltouch (6 times) and the first two times it seems to improve the scars. But after several weeks the scars seems to come back.

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Aside from fillers most anything you are going to do will require some significant down time. For people with lighter scarring I would not recommend dermabrasion but for you it might be a good alternative but it's best to get the really deeper larger scars excised first. TCA CROSS or needling might be useful also but it would take alot of time and treatments in your case. Have you seen any doctors yet? Good luck.

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Just remember that the deeper the procedure the greater potential of risks. A skilled pracitioner can minimize these risks. Your best bet is dermabrasion and fillers.

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