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Fighting my MILD Acne with Dan's strict regimen.

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First of all, I am an 18 year old Caucasian male who has had mild acne for at least four years. I've experimented with a few different over the counter medicines but never had the commitment to carry through (i.e. stopped when the going got rough. I attribute much of my failure to lack of moisturizer. I always felt moisturizer wasn't manly, but have since overcome that misconception.), or treated just the spots -- as Dan pointed out, this doesn't do anything but test your pimple chasing skills.

So I came across this wonderful website and have viewed the videos, read the material, and purchased the products. Right now I have 3 pimples, 7 red spots (soon to be pimples, at least that is how things seem to go with these spots), and one big red spot consisting of two pimples that have formed close together -- about the size of a fingernail.

I am beginning tonight -- my goal is to be clear before I leave for college, in 7 weeks. I hope the prospect of clear skin and updating this journal keep me focused.

6/29/03 - Finished regimen, face is tight, a little itchy, no visible changes, same as described above. :D/ Spirits are fairly high.

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Day 2, same old stuff, no changes as far as the acne goes.

I found a working, old, digital camera and have taken a few snapshots to give people a clearer idea, and to track my progress.

Right now my face is pretty calm (relatively), but anyway:


Thats my problem area.

And the rest of my face (pretty unaffected):


I'll try to take pictures at regular intervals..sorry that they aren't the clearest pics, but it's better than word descriptions, right? For an idea on picture quality: My eyes are deep blue...the pics don't really show that.

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Day 3

Face is still tight, a bit sore (but I hope that's just the war with the pimples...racing on my face).

The large spot I have is shrinking, or the area around is just getting red, and I can't tell the difference? Oh well.

I don't know how often I should take pictures..probably tomorrow, or whenever I see some improvement?

When I put on the moisturizer it goes on easy, but as I rub it in it gets a bit sore (mostly just from touching the pimples)...If I don't rub it in (mind you, gently) I've got these big white smears, so I rub until it is completely soaked up, which can leave my face a tad sore...I can live with it.

Going well so far.

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Day 4

OW! Stings. Skin is red. Pain. Hard to form full sentences. Sorry.

2 new pimples. 2 pimples gone!


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The latest picture...a few whiteheads, the blackhead I had went away. You can't see the fact this is pretty red in this picture, but take my word for it, my lower face is pretty damn red. :D

1 new whitehead near my lip (top right of the pic) :D

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Day 6

Skin is peeling. LOTS of peeling. My whole lower face is coming undone. I am pushing forward though -- whereas before the BP used to sting like crazy when I put it on, it is now down to a tollerable amount of pain.

No new pimples though! And the pimples I had seem to be on the way out.

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