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I have dark spots...ADVICE

I have many dark spots on my face left by my acne. Some are darker than others and they fade but very slowly and never completly. They're not indentations or anything. I try to cover them up with makeup but its hard and frustrating. It seems like every pimple i get leaves a dark mark. I was wondering if anyone has the same problem and knows a solution. If theres any way to make them fade quicker? Are there any over the counter products or prescription medications that help? I dont have that much money to work with so i dont think i could afford the surgical treatments if there are any. Im just so frustrated...im getting to the point where i dont leave me house because im embarressed. Im 20 and should be able to wake up and go out without spending 40 min loading on makeup. And other than my scares i have good skin...i mean i dont break out often or get massive pimples. PLEASE HELP. i dont know what to do.

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I have had good results using just witchhazel (99 cents and found with the alcohol and peroxide) and then applying neosporin....I do this 2x a day and a LOT of the redness I have had for years has disappeared in a month....I don't know that this would work for everyone but hopefully it will help you too. for less than 5 bucks it is worth a shot. :D

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witchhazel is an astringent (sp?) that has been used for a LONG LONG time for many different things...I however had Never heard of it til last month went I went to this great day spa, I had microdermabrasion done and they recommended using that....I apply it to my whole face with a cottonball....at first I did not like the smell but now I am use to it...and it leaves my skin feeling SO soft that I have even started putting it on my legs after I shave....I really love the stuff! :D It is only 99 cents a bottle and is found by the alcohol and peroxide at almost any store. I apply the neosporin over my entire face but I apply a little more on the red marks...it has helped to greatly fade my marks...I Do still have some, don't get me wrong, but they are MUCH less noticeable and make up hides them now....I only have shallow scarring and don't really expect this routine to get rid of them....I HAVE noticed a difference with the microdermabrasions...I have had 2 sessions now and my skin looks much smoother. HTH

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