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How successful was accutane for you????

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I'm very satisfied with the results (almost 100% clear)

about 60-80% clear

about 30%-50% clear

did not work for me

made my acne worst

If you look you'll find tons of threads on this already. Either way you aren't going to get an accurate representation of how well Accutane works on these boards. The majority of people who got great results aren't going to be here anymore.

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i was on it twice and both times the curse came back.

now im on it i third time trying to free myself from this curse. i will be doing a higher dosage so maybe this will do the trick.

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1) For the first 3 years or so, it kept me clear of my cystic and nodular acne (SEVERE ACNE).

2) After 3 years, my acne flared up again but this time, as mild to moderate

It's now been 10 years since I took my first and only round of Accutane. I don't plan on taking a 2nd round, especially if Dan's regimen works for me.

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cleared my facial/neck acne...left with the occasional spot on my back and chest.

i don't think it's worth it though because i am experiencing hairloss at the ripe old age of 17 years old and the odd thing is that no one in my family has a history of baldness. screw accutane but that's just one opinion...be ready for consequences because you might be one of the lucky few

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Hiya. I was on Roaccutane (40mg/day) for 5 months April-August. At the end of the course I was about 90% clear for about 2 months. And the reason I am back on Acne.org is I have started breakout since last week. It was a couple of whiteheads which kept on multiplying everyday. This morning when i got up I had about 7-8 of them. They are very tiny but still worth discussion. What do you guys recommend??

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I took it once about 2 years ago. I think I took it at a low dose (if I'm not wrong, 40 mg all the way). I don't really remember how effective it was, but I've decided to try it again. In about 2 weeks' time, I'll be seeing my dermatologist to get the drug (already went for the blood test).
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