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Home scar treatments???

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You could try AHA peels (lactic, glycolic, kojic etc) or BHA peels (salicylic) - combined with copper peptides, these may help with minor scarring.

Alternatively, a home microdermabrasion kit such as EpidermX might help somewhat.

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minor scars I have posted a few times about the Clearasil Scar kit. Smoothed out my minor scars. I am currently using the Scar Eraser from University Medical which makes my skin look really nice.

If u want something that u can get at the store then try the Clearasil Acne scar kit. It worked great 4 me and I have no reason to lie or plug the product except that it worked and it could work for others too. I only stopped using it and went to the scar eraser stuff because i am on Accutane and the clearasil cleanser that is part oif the system is gritty.

I also take vitamin e orally with the accutane(60 mg day) and 4 antibiotic pills from the penacillan family. I think its amoxycillan I dont have it in front of me. I wash with clean and clear cream wash cleanser twice daily. My skin has never looked better and I have only been on accutane less than two months.

I guess no one has tried this product except me but it REALLY worked.


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keithr, do u have any before and after pics?

Ill prolly be buying the kit soon just waiting for my current face wash to run out.

I really didnt think at all that the stuff was gonna work so I didnt. I actually just got a webcam and a digital camera this month and took a pic of my face and will post an after pic in the next month or so.

I swear to u it made my face look a lot better. If u have really deep scars dont think its gonna make them look all better though. My scarring is mainly shallow but it did look bad with a bunch of shallow scars all over. THese were not just red marks either they were scars.

Use it and if it doesnt work u can blame me since I said it was a good product.


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