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big dilemma: please help!!

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hello all!

i have a dilemma and i was wondering if any of you could offer your expert advice :D

Over the last few months, differin gel and clindamycin have stopped working for me (im not sure if they ever worked to begin with.. but thats another story). i went back to the derm and she gave me some totally bs. salicylic acid lotion and told me benzaclin. and my skin got WORSE. i think im immune to all those products.

so heres the deal: im immune to differin, benzoyl peroxide, clindamycin, salicylic acid...

i need to go back and ask for a new treatment. but this time i dont want to end up with something like sal. acid again.

ALSO! i want to have clear skin over the summer but more importantly for college (first year) which is starting in late august.

so finally my question! which product do you recommend that preferably has a short initial breakout period? does such a product exist? (by hte way, i cant want to do antibiotics either- my mother wont let me! shes scared).

ah! so. any help at all would be majorly appreciated!

thanks to everyone

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im already on birth control- micette- my doctor said it might help with acne, definetely wouldnt hurt it- im scared to use Diane 35 because someone told me it has terrible negative effects. do you know what they are? also, i dont think my doctor would prescribe this to me. so im not sure i could get it anyway.

thanks though

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I would try tri-cyclen birth control. It works for me, when I take it at the same time every day.

I also did not like differin or cleocin, they just seemed to give me more breakouts even after the inital three month breakout phase was up.

Also try using Queen Helene's Mint Julep mask every week, it has worked wonders for me.:D

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