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I'm 37 and have been on spiro a few months now. Woke up this morning to cyst thing brewing between eyes! Could do with some words of comfort as anyone who has not had such a persistant problem will not understand how I am feeling - one step forward, two steps back. Spiro cleared me completely a few years ago so I am really upset that this does not seem to be happening this time.

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Guest james11

I'm sorry to hear that it's gotten you down for so long! I havn't had Acne for that long (maybe 2-3 years) but i still know how it makes you feel like a piece of shit. Hang in there! I know that's probably what people tell you every day but i don't know what else i can really do from here.

So what's your name and where are you from? I'm James and i'm 21, live in Melbourne Australia!

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Hi James,

Thanks for your reply. I live in Somerset, England. I visited Melbourne many years ago. You live in a beautiful place. Yeah, having acne on and off for 24 years can get depressing. Anyway I am going to pretend it is not there and go to work. I own a shop and things need to be done so even though I feel like sitting at home and crying - this is not an option. How bad is your acne? Are you on any medication?

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hi lilith!

i'm 25 from Toronto,

i just recently got a perscription for spiro but i haven't taken it yet as i'm still trying to wean myself off asprin. That and i didn't feel like having my period this month so i opted to stay on my BC pills for a month before having my cycle break. Are you on BC pills too? i take Diane 35. Whenever i get flare ups i go on minocycline for awhile and it usually fixes things right up.. I'm on it now and when i do break out its rather minor and heals much faster. maybe you can suggest that to your derm?

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Hi Lilith,

May I ask what your dosage is? I was at 100 for a few months then continued to break out. They then put me on 200 and a month after that, I have had no break outs. I have a log here if you want to check out my experience more fully. Good luck to you!!

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Hi Tired of Waiting and Lolo. I am on 100mg Spiro. I only have three months supply and my doctor will not prescribe more as he thinks it will cause long-term liver damage. I have taken Diannette before (Diane 35) and think I will go back on it again. Getting these huge spots is so depressing - can't help but wonder if I will still have acne in my 40's and beyond. Have to laugh though, never thought that I would be getting grey hairs, wrinkles and acne all at the same time. Will check out your log Lola - it is really good to know that I am not alone in this battle.

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