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Govt and Accutane

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a month ago told me that prescriptions for accutane were going to be harder to fill now because the derms office and pharmacy were going to have to register with the government and accutane users where going to have to go to some government website and all these new shit. is this a load of crap? anyone on accutane have to do anything different now? or anyone just prescribed hear of this? i dont like this derm.

this was his reason for not putting me on accutane, along with the fact that your acne really has to suck for you to qualify for a cure. its retarded. ive even been on accutane before, even on a small dose (40mg) my acne went away for a year and a half and i suffered no side effects, even when i was on it. i cannot understand why i cant go on a second round. i know the risks, my body has been fine on accutane before, its worked well before. time to find a new derm, this guy is making me go through my high school years of trying every kind of cream, gel and antiboitic to no avail. sorry, im just frustrated.

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What your dermatologist is referring to is the FDA's new iPLEDGE program. It was put in place to allow for more FDA control in terms of adherence to birth control usage (for women) while on Accutane. Due to the teratogenic effect of Accutane, the FDA wants to decrease the chances of women on Accutane becoming pregnant. As a result, under the iPLEDGE program, women on Accutane will have to log onto the website periodically to re-affirm their use of two forms of birth control. The FDA is really concerned about women becoming pregnant while on this medication.

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that makes sense, but does it have anything to do with guys? because i dont think im getting pregnant anytime soon. :)

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