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Accutane Without Prescription

my parents live in saudi arabia and i was wondering if anyone who lives or lived in the middle east knows if you can get accutane or some generic form over the counter there. you can get just about anything besides narcotics so it seems possible. if not does anyone know any other places to get accutane without a prescription?

the only reason im wondering is because i have been on accutane before, and my acne went away for a long time but since i was on a low dose its come back. but the derm ive talk to is like well your acne isnt bad enough to go on accutane. its retarded, any amount of acne is annoying, why cant people (especially people that have already had a course) get accutane if they are willing to take the side effects. fucking derms think its healthy to put all kinds of crap on your face and take antiboitics for years but not ok to take accutane. its frustrating.

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Accoutane is a really strong drug.. Your doctor is right. Anyway you can get accoutane on Ebay and other medication sites but its not recomnded because it could be fake or expired. good luck

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My doc wouldn't put me on tane after i got through with a course(better than i was but not perfectly clear). He said it wasn't that bad and then put me on anitbiotics and retin-a...too soon to tell but I think it's working(after tane your reactions to topicals and antibiotics are suppose to improve, so u might wanna think about that 1st). If it doesn't work though, i might go on the tane again. My muscles are still SHITTY after a workout over 3 months after tane...

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