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Acne is not the be all end all

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I know everyone here hates it! But we have to live with it. The thing is, having acne causes us to be paranoid and we don't really see reality. We judge ourselves pretty harshly. We are people too, and we only live once. We can spend it being sad about our face being covered in acne, or just try to live our lives as best as we can. Sure we may never be movie stars, or outstanding looking people, because lets face it we may have scars and some of us may have really bad acne problems. That's okay, because we can still do plenty of other things, like go out with loyal friends, find someone that likes us for who we are, get a good education and contribute as best we can to make the world a better place.

I know it's easier said than done, and it takes a lot of strong will to change our low self-confidence and self-defeating attitudes. I for one am guilty of being very self-criticizing. But, I am trying to not let breakouts interfere with my life, and I've noticed people look at your confidence almost as much as they look at your face. :)

It really is the case that if you improve your attitude on life positively, you will be happier, and find better successes, no matter how bad of an acne condition you have.

Let me know what you all think as well. Hope this helps.

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You are completely right. Its not our face that ruines our lives, its the way we deal with it. Unfortunetly, attitude is not an easy thing to change.

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Like a lot of things in life, it takes practice for us to change our attitudes. I took psych, so I know that beliefs influence our attitudes, which then influence our behaviour. It would be good to work on our beliefs (i.e. that really there is nothing wrong with us, that we don't want to be anyone else except ourselves, etc).

I started by focusing on my work at school and my relationships with others. I am trying to not look at mirrors so much, and not caring about lighting etc. A lot of girls I find are also care a lot about personality not looks so much. I don't think any guy with acne would have an incredibly difficult time finding someone to be with if they look for the right qualities. However, sadly, I find that guys in general are more shallow than girls, focusing on looks, etc. I don't mean to be sexist, and that is just my observation.

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