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possible scar?

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hey guys..i recently did a 75 percent glycolic peel on my skin and after 8 days when it peeled, i noticed that i felt my left temple area and it felt sunkened in? also when i look at it you cant see it sunken in just brusied on the inside. but if u like put my finger over the spot and let the dark light outline it i can see some indentation? i mean i just peeled 4 days agao and my skin is finally evening out form all the blotchyness that it was going through right after i peeled.. so i was wondering is this just fresh new skin that just feels ackward right now and will ater heal and pfeell normal again? any advice will be very encouraging ..also im applying vitmain e cream fruit of the earth's and i hope it helps increase the healing. has anyone ever had this also happen to them? i never had a scar in that areas to begin with, so im kinda down. :(

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cpome on ppl what the hell? it's like everytime i post a topic no one seems to want to help em out. thats just rediclous

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probably didnt do any damage. I have never done an acid peel opr anything but really dont think u caused any scars. The outside ofg the skin is a lot easier to damage than underneath. Or at least it heals good most of the time. think about it this way I cut myself shaving all the time and i have no scars from that. I have fallen down and skinned my face a million times & have no scars from that. Just take it easy on the peels and things for a while.


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