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i read about that stuff too! and i was so curious as to whether it worked or not. but my mom wont get it for me, cuz its not FDA approved, but the only reason its not FDA approved, is cuz its herbal! so if someone on this site has tried it and has had success with it, please let us know!

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I also would be very intersted in knowing if this works. So far the only testimonials I have read are on their web site...That is not to promising..I am about to give it a shot..I hope this is the real thing

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This is a big-time scam, or so I've heard.

I haven't heard of it working for anyone so far & apparently they don't honor their money-back guarantee, if you want to send it back.

I found it once too a long time ago & was slightly interested in it but check out the acne board at healthboards.com & you can hear what people say about it.

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I did read all the bad posts on healthboards.com saying that it was a scam and the testimonials were fake and things like that. They also said that the clinical studies were fake......One problem that I have with this is that if you look at their site, they are looking for people to participate in their clinical studies.....if their studies were fake then why would they be looking for people not associated with their company to participate in their studies? I dont know........I ordered the stuff two days ago so I will just have to see if it works. After reading the healthboards posts i am not encouraged...but i will keep you posted.

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