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New attempt in eleminating redmarks

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Well I have a consultation this Saturday with a plastic surgeon. Anyways, incase he doesn't do shit I'm going to order some more glycolic acid. 50% is too strong and I can only keep that on for like 1 min. My 40% is too strong and burns me whenever I leave it on for more than 3 mins. I have a couple ideas, please tell me what is best and why?

a)Purchase Gylcolic Acid Peel 30% and apply once weekly

b)Purchase Gylcolic Acid Peel 20% and apply twice weekly

c)Purchase Gylcolic Acid Peel 10% and apply three times weekly

d) Purchase Gylcolic Acid NIGHT CREME 15% and apply every night after my Benzaclin.

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I say A definitely! 30% is nice and it does work BELIEVE ME!

Ive been using it for 1 month and im a changed man! had loads of deep red marks that have been on my face for years and in my time using glycolic i bought from Ebay, they have faded about 60-70%


I was gonna post before and after pics but accidently deleted the 'before' pics on my phone. DOH! :evil:

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man why do u even bother posting? you never listen to anything anybody says.. aren't u the one with the two red marks that you freak out so much about?.. Well like i say do whatever you want.. haha i wouldn't be surprise by whatever thats gonna happen later.. haha...

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