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Fall and Winter...more breakouts in cold weather.

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Every fall and winter by teens have more breakouts which are hard to control. It seems as if there regimens just stop working.

Anyone else?????????

Yes, I also have this problem.

In the summer my acne calms down to a few whiteheads a week; they usually last only a few days with no red marks left over.

In the winter I seem to get deeper, bigger zits and sometimes get large breakouts of them (2-3)

These generally last a week to come to surface and pop, and then another 2- 3 weeks for red marks to disapear.

This is quite frustrating, and with the approaching cold seasons I want to get rid of this acne for good.

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I think a change in the weather or seasons can have its effects. At one point, my skin became so oily and I broke out significantly for a period, and as I was reading about different things, I realized it was around the beginning of Spring and apparently this can happen. It seemed to make sense because I believe this has happened previously.

I personally feel we may need to adjust our regimens to the seasons. Not everyone may have to do this or may notice any change, but for those who do, it could be something to consider trying.

I also agree with the humidifier suggestion for colder seasons.

I'll have to pay more attention this winter to see how my skin reacts. Sometimes it's difficult to notice change when you have consistent acne.

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funny...lately i've been having the opposite effect. my skin is drying out so its been getting better! Tho i will have flare ups due to irritation when a sudden cold snap hits.

I like the lack of humidity tho..it helps me...i guess its different for everyone!

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Thanks for the replies. I guess it is different from one person to another.


strange i just posted the exact same topic about the weather.

well for me it seems to be liek this.. i wlk around on the way t o work and look at other and they seem to have the same propolem, maybe it's jsu tme tryign to make myself feel better but....

yes and i totally agree with mositerizing and cleansing ur face mornign and night .

also totlaly agree on that humidifier to put some moister in the air, imy room is in the basement and the furnish is like less that 10 feet away from my bed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I fuckin hate Winter !!! I always break out bad during this time of the year.

Dangit and true enough BOOOOOM(MAdden) I get 3 new pimples and a god damn cyst.

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