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*Update* On Taking Aspirin

This is an update to my "Finally Something is Working" post. I had posted at that time that I was 150mg of aspirin about every other day. It was clearing me up. My last post was in Jul 8th and I did decide to stop taking the aspirin.

What's the point of taking aspiring if I have to deal with an ulcer later on? Anyways, I stopped taking the aspirin and I had begun washing my face with Cetaphil (sometimes I would mix baking soda in the Cetaphil to exfoliate my skin gently). My face remained clear from July til about early September I think. Now, I'm back where I started. But I don't plan on going back to the aspirin.

I think maybe I had less stress, I started using Cetaphil which is gentle, and just being out in the sun more is what helped me for awhile. Oh well, I'll keep on trying. What I do now is that if I have a zit, I get a needle and put alcohol on it and also on the zit. I puncture it and gently pop it. They go away faster and the scarring is smaller and also fades away quicker.

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I want to post something here. I'm guilty of the asprin thing too..i take it for inflammation. I've been seriously warned by the medical community that its NOT WORTH THE RISK

i just want to say that i'm trying very hard to cut back. I'm a bit obsessive so i wind up still taking it occasionally.... My stomach is ill very often these days and i'm pretty sure asprin is to blame.

Really folks..the "asprin" treatment. not worth it. You'll be dead before you see the little (if any) results it can give you

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