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working..... sorta........

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Heya every one

i have been on the regime for about 2 months, now BP has definetly cleared me up abit :pray: i get comments some times but my cheeks are still quite bad and im still gettin spots there that really hurt and come up really big and it is really pissin me off !!! and when i pop them it seems to bring up like 10 million more!!!!!!!!!!!!:(

now i came back on here for some answers and i noticed every one is waiting after washing face to appliying Bp and moustirising, now im not doing this and i just wash, apply gel and moustirise in about 5mins but all of u lot wait like 15 - 20 mins, u recon if i wait 15 min between wash, gel and moustirise this will work better and clear my cheeks?????????????????????????? :D

Thx Jon

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i think you need to follow the regimen precisely.

i dont see how you can do it all in 5minutes..how do you dry your face properly?and theres no way the bp would be absorbed that quickly either.

be patient and take time over it.

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1. Don't pop

2. Don't even touch your face

You need to let the products absorb especially the bp.. try something like this

1. Gently Cleanse (no more than 10 seconds)

-- 5 minute break --

2. Apply bp gel gently

-- 15 minute break --

3. Moisturise gently

Takes quite a bit patience.. good luck man

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