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Does BHA make your skin worse before it gets better?

Hi everyone-

I am new to this board :D

I am a 27-year old female, and have mild acne that can get moderate at certain times (usually hormonal?). A few weeks ago my forehead started to go crazy. I found it strange because my forehead is one of my least problematic areas. After reading several reviews on the internet on BHA, I decided to get Paula's choice 1% BHA lotion. My younger sister, who was also having skin problems, tried it at the same time. Well, if anything, it made my forehead break out even more. I used it for about 4 nights before going to sleep and every morning I woke up with a new pimple. My sister experienced a similar effect. Terrified, I ended up finding Dan's site and gave the BP a try. It did put an end to my forehead's craziness but made it very dry. So, since the pimples were gone, I stopped. However, my acne usually comes in cycles and goes away without me doing much (my skin will be bad for about a week then clear up). So I don't know if I happened to be at the end of a "cycle" when I used the BP and that is why it worked.

All of this is to ask the question: is it normal for the BHA to make skin worse? Someone said it made it worse first because it brought the dirt and dead cells to the surface, but I have heard differing opinions. I've heard such wonderful things about BHA, in particular the Paula's Choice line, that I am reluctant to give up...

Right now my skin is ok, but starting to break out a bit again.

Another issue-- right now I am looking for a relatively fast way to keep my skin clear because I am getting married in less than 3 weeks!!!

So, any help will be appreciated.


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