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for those of you who think my hgh aproach is dangerous, well lets think about. first off hgh is not, i repeat not a steroid, combined with a steroid yes is has synergestic results, roids creating muscle atrophy and hgh repairing in response to muscle damage as you work out.hgh's role is to repair and rebuild, which is why i used it in combination with my fraxel treatments. now accutane , which i used is far more of a health scare, than hgh could ever be.accutane has been linked to suicides, hair loss or thinning etc. hgh goes beyond that, it gives you back hair, rejuvenates your skin,helps speed up healing 10 fold, and the list goes on. men and women can go on hgh by itself.again its not a steroid.they call it plastic surgery in a needle.small little insulin needles that you could hardly feel.thats why you see all these over 40 actors and actresses looking like thier 20 something, hollywoods little secret.i took it for 8 months and am healthy, i've been off for 2 months and it still continues to work. it helped immensely with my fraxel treatments in the healing process.like i said in an earlier post, do your homework on the subject, my skin has never looked better,fraxel is still producing results.i had 3 fraxels all at 20 mj's. took alot of msm, vitamins, hgh, protein while recovering.the end result..... success, i would say my face is 85% improved and still going.

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ok ok, i'm dealing with alot of people who think they know what hgh is, or does. another uneducated statement.

internal organs will grow if you overdose every single day.one beer is ok, until you down 3 6 packs an hour.

your liver will go. again people you keep going over the meter with extreme abuse doses, thats not what i'm doing or condoning. simply taking an theraputic dose 5 days a week. look up dr. rudman and find out about his study on 20 or so men ages between 60 and 80,after 6 months,all regained vitality, strentgh, hair, better skin etc. not once does it mention of organ growth, rebuilding yes,overgrown,no.

and no one has died of hgh yet!!!! not even lyle alzado, i know i'm gonna hear that one soon. he had a preexisting tumor that had accelerated when he did steroids and gh.hgh has never been linked to any kind of cancer, and neither is steroids,never clincally linked, just speculated.

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