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Carrot Juice Story

I juice carrots all the time for my skin because I heard it clears forehead acne. It never makes me worse but I dont really see any benefits. I'll have to be more consistent with it. I do feel healthier everytime I drink it though...

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I make a mixture of the following:

1 beet (helps with digestion;really cleans you out)

2 celery

1 golden delicious apple

1 or half cucumber

1 carrot

It makes about 1 1/2 to 2 cups of juice. Beets are really good for you and help to clean out your system therefore clearing your acne. Don't peel them. Just wash them well and cut them into long medium strips.

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i don't know what the link said...my computer would not let me go there :(

but I do drink carrot and ginger juice every morning. and I also started drinking the juice that preciosa82 was talking about. I think that it miht have helped my skin a little, but even if it did not I think that its real healthy just to drink :)

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My experience with carrot juice is that it helps my skin a great deal. I believe this is due mostly to its high concentration of beta-carotene, which is an antioxidant, and which the body converts to Vitamin A. Both beta-carotene and Vitamin A increase the liver's ability to detoxify the blood, so this is probably why carrot juice is often very helpful for acne.

If you're interested, google liver detoxification and vitamin a and beta-carotene, it's interesting stuff.

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