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I had my 2nd derm appointment after being on accutane 30mg a day for 1 month. I weigh 175 pounds (80kg). I asked if I could up my dosage because apparently your suppsed to take a least 0.5mg per kg. Guess what! He said no! What a jerk!

Who thinks i should just up the dosage myself?

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Of course you shouldn't change your own dosage, sheesh. Your derm probably has a good reason for keeping your dosage lower. Maybe trying to ease you in to avoid a flare up, maybe your bloodwork is less than ideal and he's trying to keep your lipids from going through the roof. Did you ask why? Trust your derm. If you really think that your derm is "dumb" and that you know better, then you need a new derm.

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go see a new derm. 30gms a day isnt going to do anything.

if you threaten to see a new derm watch how fast he ups your dosage.

they only care about themselves and the money and if you threaten their money their attitude will change real quick.

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Listen to the derm. My daughter was on only 10mg a day and her acne cleared up completely. She gets the odd breakout now, but uses clindoxyl gel and tazerotone cream and is fine. Why do you think the derm is a derm an we are not?

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