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I am pretty much at the point where my scars don't bother me. I really feel almost indifferent. Of course I'd rather not have any, and would LOVE for them to go away, however after years of reading this board I know that is not possible.

I am not going to undergo any procedure that is: new, radical or has been around for fifty years that has the ability to make me scar even worse or has the ability to make me scar more at all. I don't want to be oozing and bandaged and out thousands of dollars for little to no improvement, or worse yet, "improvement" that is merely swelling from trauma and inflammation from said procedure. I can achieve that from microdermabrasion or some other less invasive procedure that temporarily plumps up my skin. I will not be a guinea pig for some Dr. who has a newfangled contraption that works on wrinkles, and hey! it may even work on scars - the manufacturer says so, ya know; wink, wink. I will not write a check for a procedure that may make me look worse even though the before and after pics are phenomenal! You know they always are...

I will not take a slew of supplements whose names I cannot fathom and whose purported beneficial and stellar effects are at best uncertain and at worst could cause other unknown problems and may even give me more acne.

I will not spend hundreds or thousands of hard earned money on product of the week miracle creams.

I will not look in every fucking mirror and lighting to assess my scars on a regular obsessive compulsive basis.

I will get rid of my mysterious bumps: probably through laser only because that is the one thing laser is proven to be good at and I have no other choice. One thing is certain: I will find out what they are if I have to be cultured and biopsied from here until Tuesday!

I will stay out the sun. I will do what I can non-invasively to make my scars appear better. I will try to keep a youthful appearance through diet, exercise, and some sort of non-invasive treatment.

I will try to help people on this forum with everything I've learned and unlearned in my travels on this board and through other research.

I will make my skin look better, but I will do it in a calm manner and not dive into it, and procedures, under the abyss of desperation and risk we are all so familiar with due to our circumstances.

I will not and I will.

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