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I was watching parts of a documentary-type show on TLC called Katrina's Children. I don't know if anyone else here has seen it.

There was one young boy, amongst many other people, who was quite special to watch.

Watching the show made me sad, and made me feel helpless. However, as many of these types of things, it also made me long to be able to help in some way.

It is often much easier and simpler just to ignore what is going on in other parts of the worlds, especially when we are not directly affected by such events, be it natural disasters, poverty, illness, etc.

It frustrates me at times to see all these entertainment shows on TV displaying how rich our society can be (often more financially than in spirit), or game shows where people can win large amounts of money, or the lottery, etc. I am not saying these things are bad, or that we cannot enjoy them, but to me, it's sad that our society can have these luxuries while others do not even have the basics. I think many of us assume the government should be taking care of these issues, or that we alone cannot do much, but there must be something wrong if these issues still exist today.

It puts things into perspective. Having acne has affected me more than just physically, but when I watch something like that, it brings me out of myself and inspires me. It makes me want to be more, and make a difference. We all live in this world together, and it seems like, if we have our health and enough money to survive, one of the priorities should be to ensure the same for those who are struggling to live.

I'm sorry if this is slightly off topic. It was just something I was thinking about, and I thought it could be an interesting thread about what we would want to do if we could to make a difference in the lives of others, and maybe allow us to take a moment to focus on something other than our acne, as it can often consume us.

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Soon I will have that opportunity, and let's just say that if you thought the world was already hell, you ain't seen nothing yet. Oh boy, you ain't seen nothing yet.

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Guest james11

Try volunteering at a Cambodian refuge for 0-6 year olds whose parents either can't look after them because they are junkies, or are dead from overdosing. When they turn 6, they either get adopted out (not even half of them) or they end up in these hell hole Cambodian Orphanages where you can't imagine a dog living. Pretty depressing!

This world has some nasty places.... :(

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I was referring to making positive differences. GameOver, I'm not sure I understood, as it didn't sound like that's quite what you meant. I hope you didn't mean anything bad, because the world has enough of that as it is and I think we need to work together if we can to make it better.

Could you clarify what you meant exactly? Thanks. :angel:

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I thought I was quite clear with the hell part. If I could make a difference, in which I have all the faith that I can, I will do everything possible, I will use every last breath in me to make this world a worse place for everyone. That is my purpose, that is my choice.

and that thought makes me happy, it's the only reason why I go on.

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:( When I first read your last response, I thought you wrote ''...to make this world a place for everyone.'' but I missed the word ''worse''. And yes, in having read it, it was quite clear. I only thought to ask because I didn't want to assume too quickly.

We all have choice, for sure. I'm sorry the negativity has affected you so much as to wish to inflict in on the world. I wish there was something better that could provide you with happiness, and that you could somehow believe there could be better things, and not only negativity, for you out there. I cannot help but wonder what happened to make you feel this way. You believe you have the potential, and you do, but somehow the pain affected you so much as to want to use that potential to cause more pain rather than create good. It makes me feel like the bad has achieved its purpose by taking over the good in someone.

It's sad how, when someone has been so hurt and would have wanted anything other than to feel that way, they would want others to hurt like they did.

I'm sorry for what you've been through. We all have different point of views, and have to respect that.

I just hope one day, somehow, you can again believe in the goodness left around you and in you.

Good luck.

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I don't know exactly what's the best thing to be done, but I think if there was a way to make people see through the eyes of another, maybe that's a start. There are so many shades of grey out there, so it's easy to stereotype, easy to judge and therefore easy to hate. I'm no angel, I feel this hate often. But we have to realize that something has to be done about it...even if it's something small.

I grew up in a country which had a civil war for 18 years (due to racial issues). One particular racial group there teach kids as young as 10 to kill. They teach them to wear explosives underneath their clothing, and how to walk into a bus station to blow themselves up. It was so easy to hate them, and I did for a long time. But then I realized that we were discriminating against them in such a disgusting way, if I were them, I'd hate me too. I'm not justifying either party's actions, I just wish we could see what all this hate is doing to us.

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Game Over makes me giggle. Maniacal dellusions are just SOOOOOOOOO CUTE! Makes me wanna pinch his cheeks and plant a big wet kiss on his forehead. Awww, wittle baby wanna take over the world?

;) It's just too adorable.

Back OT, recently, Searching, I asked myself the same question. Well, actually, I despaired at the same question. Some weeks ago, I found myself in a gibbering mad mess at the world. So much pain! So much confusion! What can *I* do about it? How do you even start? It was all so overwhelming!

And I didn't know. I didn't know at all. So I started asking people. The ones I trusted, the ones I looked up to. How do you sustain the passion when there is SO MUCH to be done? Isn't it easier to stop caring? But then how do you keep your heart from dying? I didn't know where the middle line is, I didn't know where the healthy part between caring so much it makes you unable to function and caring so little that your heart dies.

And this is what they said:

"It is not about stopping caring. It is about learning what you have the power to change, what you do have control over, and being grateful and passionate about THAT. Yes, the world hurts. And yes, you feel this way because you are young and YES - YOU SHOULD NEVER LOSE THAT.

Growing up is not nesscarily about losing that - it is about using it efficiently. If you can help one person every day - doesn't matter what - then you are being a true-grown up. You can't save the world, but you can change the lives of those around you. As you get older, it's not that you stop caring - it's that you recongize the importance of being able to change a single life."

Cut and pasted slightly from my LJ, but that's where it is. And that is why, today, even though I hurt like hell and I hate my teacher, I'm on my way to the Introduction to Social Work class. I'm going to make a difference. It starts here and today.

Thank you for reminding me, Searching. I needed that today. :)

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I'll tell you the truth - I feel overwhelmed as well. I sometimes feel so small, so unable. The reality is that we will never stop all the hurting in the world. But you're right, Elsewhere, in that we should not underestimate what a daily helping hand can mean. If we do not realize the importance of something smaller but so significant, we will never truly be able to understand the bigger picture.

I know I cannot stop all the hurting in the world, and I would therefore not dare try, but my goal is that I would like to try to help our fellow human beings struggling to have a chance at life gain that possibility. I don't want them to feel abandoned by a society that lives richly compared to them. If we have something, be it something vital to survival or related to knowledge, it is important to share or teach that to others if we can to offer them the same priviledges.

It has to start somewhere, and so many are working hard already to help such causes, but it takes a lot. It takes time and a joining effort.

Annie - thank you for sharing your thoughts. :angel:

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Game Over makes me giggle. Maniacal dellusions are just SOOOOOOOOO CUTE! Makes me wanna pinch his cheeks and plant a big wet kiss on his forehead. Awww, wittle baby wanna take over the world?

;) It's just too adorable.

*takes off hat, looks at shoes* Aww shucks little miss, you're just about to make me blush. :wub:

Anyway, maybe I didn't exactly mean what I said. My goal isn't to make this world worse for eveyone. My goal is to achieve the things that I want. It's just that the things that I want are quite.....epic, and upon achieving them the world will be hell for most people. See, the things that I am willing to do would label me a monster by today's society. The things that I am capable of are beyond evil, no matter how you look at them. Every person has the capacity to do great wrong in them, but I think what differs me from others is that I have no limit whatsoever, no need or desire to do what is right, I am free of every single moral law of this world. It's a freedom that most people will never experience, or admit to. And if I have to be the big evil monster to have it, than that does not bother me at all.

But no, I am not angry, sad or depressed, not anymore. Sure, there are many reasons for the way I am. The world has screwed me over completely in every single way, but many other people have been screwed even worse, yet they have remained...well, human. But I have no dellusions about it - I was not forced to be the way I am. Influenced, ofcourse, but at the end we are who we chose to be, and this is my choice. I know that what I say is crazy, but look around - everyone is in a way. I'm just more confident about it :)

The thing is, I am not lost anymore. My road is clear to me - and it is shiny, bright, lonely but it leads to the top, it leads to amazing, great things. Failiure looms at all corners, but without taking risks you don't get anywhere.

I'm reachin' for the stars baby, I'm flyin' towards the sun, and I'll keep on soarin' till it burns me up. Whooooooooooo :D

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