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DMP roaccutane journal

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About myself:

Age: 21

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 190 lbs (~85 kg)

Dose: 60 mg ED (80 mg for months 2-4)

Acne: Caused mainly by excess oil, can't remember ever getting any "cysts" but I definitely got all the other stuff. Most people would say that my acne isn't that bad but I'd give anything to be rid of it and the oil for good. Also I have some minor back and chest acne as well.

Hmm umm, quick post to start off, basically I'm on day 4 of roaccutane @ 60 mg a day. Also using tetracycline twice daily @ 250 until oil goes away (trying to lessen the severity of the initial breakout). So far just flaky skin and redness, existing acne is fading, no new acne yet. Bought some neutrogena oil free moisture and the standard lip balm and they both seem to be helping a bit, although nothing is too severe yet. Will post more details tomorrow.

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Day 7

nothing much to report, usual sides of waxy, red skin (incredibly red, everyone asks if I've been tanning and tells me that I don't look so good). reduced oil (compared to the insane oil at the start) and slightly chapped lips. scalp is really dry and flaky, skin is peeling a bit too but it doesn't peel as much with vitamin e. probably one or two new zits total and a slight reduction in overall acne from the start of the course. also the tetracycline combined with the accutane really causes inconvenient joint pain, I can tell since I only feel the pain for about 4-6 hours after I take each dose of antibiotics. can't wait to drop tetracycline as soon as the oil is gone.

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Day 8

woah woke up today around 5 am to EXTREME itchiness in my scalp. it was so bad that I couldnt go back to sleep because of it, so instead I got up and took a shower, which helped a bit with the itchiness. also picked up some neutrogena t-gel which seemed to soothe my scalp. hopefully I won't be woken up by the painful urge to itch my scalp tonight! (crosses fingers)

anyway, no new changes to report really. skin is still oily, face is red as hell, pores are looking smaller, skin's still flaking etc etc. eyes are a tiny bit drier compared to the constant teariness of a few days ago. the inside of my nose also seems to be getting a little drier, but nothing inconvenient and no nose bleeds yet.

also I managed to hit the gym today and complete a leg workout without any real joint pain in my back or knees, so it looks like my body is tolerating the accutane/tetracycline combo fairly well now. this is a good thing because I really enjoy working out and I'd hate to have to stop doing something I love because of acne meds.

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Day 9

Let's see, not too much to report for today, but I did notice some small gradual changes over the past few days. The only areas on my face that seem waxy anymore are my forehead and center of my nose (t zone I guess). The rest of my body and face is only mildly oily (ie I have to really press down on the skin to notice oil, and some areas of my face came up completely dry today). This is definitely a confidence booster, along with the fact that the t-gel worked great and I wasn't woken up by inconvenient scalp itch. At this rate I'll probably keep the tetracycline for 3-5 more days then drop it and see what happens. All in all an uneventful day acnewise.

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Day 12

same old same old, clearing up a little in some places, still looking a little waxy in the face, virtually no oil all day long, flaking less. wish I had more to say but that's pretty much it.... till next time I guess. ;)

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Day 18

Wow 18 days already, not too many new developments as of late. Face is basically oil free all day long and only certain parts feel waxy to the touch. Dropping the tetracycline starting today, hopefully that'll help reduce that sunburned look I seem to constantly have. We'll also see if that triggers any breakouts. Face is looking better day by day, hopefully I'll be clear soon. Till next time.

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