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please help my skin , need advice

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Im a beginner on this regimen and i have few questions to ask.

1. can i use 5% bp (vanishing formula) instead of dan's bp gel ? if yes, how much did i have to use (just started the regimen 3-4 days)

2. my skin around my mouth and cheek is getting tear, peel (some white skins is tearing off my skin), what do i need to do, decrease the dosage or ..?)

3. the first step of the regimen, using a cleaning bar to wash the face, is it mean Cleaning bar=soap? or i need to use some gentle cleanser?

4. last thing, mosturizer making my skin burning, did i need to change mosturizer becasue it feels sucks that it burning my skin)

thank you.

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try and get your hands on some 2.5% bp gel it'll be a lot easier on you than the 5% is.. dans bp gel is great value see if you can order some of that, if your stuck with the 5% use it really sparingly at first or even just apply it at night and then sloooowly increase the amount your using and eventually take it up to applying morning and night

You need a cleansing bar not just any old soap, look at the recommended products on this website, they are the ones you want

What kinda moisturiser are you using?

If your just starting out read the guidelines, watch the movies and do that a couple of times at least.

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i need a cleaning bar , but i am not shaving at the moment, can i use the product recomended by Dan ?

only use the products recommended by dan.. good luck man

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ok now im using cetaphil cleaning bar, and 5% bp and netrogena mosturizer.does that follow dan's advice, ( i know something is missing but here i can't find the products dan recomended)?

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