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How to get rid of a cyst??? Please help.

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I normally don't get any cystic type bumps. Just a few which I believe I created by aggrevating a blemish. In either case, I got a blemish, Not on my face, not real large but medium sized and bothered it before I should have. It ruptured under the skin leaving a lump under the skin. It would not go away so I went to the doctor, got a mild antibiotic. Still would not go away. I tried hydrogen peroxide, I tried a tca 15% spot peel, I tried BP, I tried lancing with a needle several times to no avail. I even tried campho phenique which I heard may help bring it to the surface. While this is not on my face, I am still concerned with getting the thing cut at the doctors wich will surely leave a scar. I even bought a 25 dollar bottle of herpanacine which will normally clear up something like this but has not. ANY SUGGESTIONS????? I once got a 50% glycolic peel on my face which immediately peeled a portion of skin off exposing an underlying small cystic type bump which heeled within a few days. I am considering purchasing some but the skin is not on my face so I'm open to try something which may help. I am concerned the skin over it will heal up and I will be stuck with a permanent lump under the skin.

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I was trying to avoid the cotisone. I've had that twice and it did work but this is in a kind of bad place and would be more than embarassing to bare the spot to the derm plus I just dropped my health insurance for a while to save money. I know it would cost quite a bit for the office visit and shot. I was just hoping someone might know of an alternative way that works. Thanks.

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