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i have a question

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it always says to not get bp gel near your lips.... but i have lots of spots near my lips!!

so im assuming its ok as long as i dont get it ON my lips, yeah?

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Guest james11

I'd say it says not to get it on your lips because they are quite sensitive! Just try as best you can to get as little of the bp on your lips. It might dry them out alot.

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i have this problem too! :P what i do is just liberally apply my bp getting some on my lips and then when i was all done i would take my fingernails and just wipe off what got on my lip.. worked fine

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Another idea is to put lip balm/chap-stick on your lips before applying BP.

It sort of "shields" your lips from the BP...though you do have to be careful not to get any lip balm on your skin.

BTW, spicychicken, I am so impressed with your progress pics! You look fantastic!

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Yeah, you can put it as close as you want, but not on your lips. That's my bad area too, so I have to apply it right up to my lips.

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I have this problem area, too.

When I went to a dermatologist and told her that I have to put the topicals around my mouth, she was like "...But people don't really break out around their mouth."

I was like... is this lady for real? :eh:

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