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I have been using fish oil pills for the past 3 days, and its working wonders!

i use soft gel pills, Salmon Oil, just drink a glass of water with them, and try to cut-out all deep fried foods, and have less suger/fat

my skin doesnt only look better, it feels smoother, and less.. "grey"

i highley suggest fish pills to anyone,

FYI: my skin wasnt oily, now it feels more smooth..

im a guy

i think my acne is in the family, both parents had bad acne

i also feel less depressed...

try reading up on fish oil, it balances hormones or something i think..

if you have oily skin already i dont suggest this, but i have heard of this having sucess for oily

if you have REALLY oily skin, i say try the ketsugo spray, or take 10mg or B5 a day

good luck everybooody

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isn't fish oil like vit A? which is what accutane contains? i heard that if you take fish you should also take acidophilis along with it since the fish oil may kill some GOOD BACTERIA and acidophilis replaces it.

also a while ago i went to the vitamin shoppe and there was someone there that recommended "twinlab's dale alexander's fish oil skin formula" along with "nature's plus' primadophilus bifidus" it worked like a charm. and so after a while i thought i was cured so i stopped and for a while i was clear...so much so that i've forgotten about the oil. i have an acne kit some one gave me

so 1st i'll try it if it doesn't work i will def do the oil combo!


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The inacurracies in this thread are laughable. Fish oil, or Omega 3, has nothing to do with "good" or "bad" bacteria! If you believe that 3 days of fish oil pills will produce any noticeable effects, then I have some prime swampland in Florida that I'd like to sell you. You are better off reading the book that Helpful Chap recommends. I supplement my diet with Udo's Oil. It has a balance of Omega 3, 6, and 9. I primarily use it to help control my cholesterol. From my blood test results, I feel that it is helping. Can it help your skin? As far as I know, there are no studies that show that "fish oil" will help control acne. I can tell you that it didn't make my acne worse. My skin is pretty good now, but I have been taking the oil supplement for months, not days. I use two topical meds to keep my skin in check, and IMO, they are responsible for my success.

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