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I just typed like, my life story.

I decided not to post it because of how crude it looked and sounded.

I act completely differnt when I'm at school, and have almost no self-confidence.

A girl just recently broke up with me because we're 'too differnt'

I don't think that's really why, But I don't care anymore.

Because I have low self-confidence around people, I act very strange... sometimes dumb.

No one really comments on my skin.

It's always bothering me, cycling through my concious.

I don't want people to think


when they think about me, I really don't know if they do.

Anyone else able to relate to this?

I might be over-reacting.

I don't have a digital camera, so I cant get a clear picture of it up.

Those damn red spots, I have no Idea how to get rid of them, Im an incredibly clean person.. another reason having it bothers me.

Could anyone explain lighting to me?

One of the mirrors in my house makes it almost dissapear.

Sunlight lightens it.

White Light, from like a Fluorescent light seems to magnify it, who knows.

Webcam photo of me.


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When I see your picture I definitely don't first notice any red spots. I had to look to see them. I do understand how you feel though, acne sucks. Try to remember that it's not your fault you have acne and there is no reason for you to feel bad about yourself for having it. It's tough to have confidence with bad skin but just try to live life the best you can and realize that your skin will probably clear up completely in a couple years. Be happy and don't let something you can't change control your life.


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I can relate, most definitely.

At home and away from school I feel like myself and acne affects me just a little but at school it's a different story. I feel alienated and left out and I feel like all people see is my acne. I'm trying so hard to get rid of it but its like the plague, it's like it will never go away. I always ask myself "why me? or why not that pretty girl next to me?" And I obsess over it. I'm the kind of acne-sufferer that looks in mirrors too often instead of staying away from them. It just sucks. :confused:

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same here

i feel like relieved when i get home

im also really shy and quiet in class that my teacher has always been askin me if im ok, isnt it obvious? ITS ACNE, NABOR! ITS ACNE!!

hmm....thats my story =)

hope i enjoyed it

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from wat i can tell from the picture, your face doesnt look too bad brother, dont beat yourself up over it.

And ya alot of us can empathisize with you, so youll get plenty of support here.

and also some good advice on red marks and scars and whatever other problems u got.

so, good luck!

lollipop, when you hear stuff like that you gotta take it like a compliment!

alot of people here tell stories about how people dont understand why they dont want to go out, or are so shy.... well they dont understand cus you look good!!

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Yeah, your face looks pretty okay from the picture. Of course everyone thinks they have the worst complexion in the world, including myself. I can totally relate to how and what you feel, because I still feel that way today:

- very self-conscious

- no self-confidence,especially around women

- paranoid about how my face looks in different lighting

- socially, my life's been tremendously affected

- parents sometimes just don't understand what you're going through

- to make matters worse, all my 4 siblings have clear skin and I'm the only one in the family plagued by acne. So, constantly thinking, "why me", "why me"...drives me nuts

In the end of the day, what keeps me going is the hope that one day (very soon I hope), I'll have control over my acne. Dan's story is the light at the end of the tunnel for me right now. I've ordered his BP gel and should be starting my regimen in 2 weeks or so.

Cheers and keep on with the battle. It's not over until we WIN.



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I can relate to that.

Caution, your face actually looks quite good, especially compared to a lot of other people. I know how you feel though, I used to quite like school and now I literally never go. Either I stay home listening to music feeling depressed or I start walking to school but then walk right past it and just wag. I've missed more than half this year. Low self-confidence+school sucks shit.

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You have nice facial features and the first thing I thought was that you were good looking, acne was definetly not the first thing that came to my mind, you cant even tell unless you really look.

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