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I've been on the regimin for a little more than a month and have noticed that I don't break out anymore, though I still have a noticeable (though less than before) amount of acne on my skin.

My question is whether its ok to wash my face between my morning and night applications of BP gel and moisturizer. I'm Muslim and I'm required to cleanse myself which includes washing the face before each of the 5 daily prayers. I keep up with this and I'm always worried I'm washing off the BP gel and/or moisturizer and that this may have an effect on the treatment. Does anyone know whether washing between applications reduces the effectiveness of the regimin or is the BP gel absorbed within a certain amount of time and I'm just washing off the residue when I wash my face before prayers? I always wait at least 2 hours after applying the BP gel before washing my face again, and the problem only applies to the morning regimin. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

2 Hours should be long enough.

As long as you are doing your ablutions only with water and only ritualistically throwing it on your face, hardly touching skin, if at all, it should be OK. Although it would be better if you didn't do it as you should mess with your face as little as possible.

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I have to disagree...you shouldn't be washing off or rinsing your face that often - you are stripping your skin of its natural oils, and you are washing the BP off. Sounds like it will ead to irritation and/or breakouts. is there no way you can avoid this?

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this is a religious thing...so of course there is no way out...only 1 advise is that u splash the water with ur face without ur fingers touching it...then leave it to dry naturaly

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