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Anyone know a good eye cream?

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All right, folks...I was responding to Vandergraf's eye bags thread, and figured I could use your recommendations on a good eye cream to use with the Regimen.

I never purposefully apply BP in my eye area (I've never had a problem with acne there). I wash my hands carefully after applying BP, give the BP about 10-15 minutes to absorb, and apply moisturizer to my eye area before I apply it anywhere else. One would think this would help me avoid dry skin under my eyes.

But despite my efforts, I'm still getting dry, flaky skin there. I'm 27, so while I don't have major undereye lines...my "fine" lines look a helluva lot worse when they're dried out.

Here's what I'm looking for: a light, moisturizing eye cream that's good for sensitive skin and maybe, just maybe, also helps with dark circles. I do use concealer under my eyes, so I'd like something that goes on smooth under makeup.

Any recommendations?

Thanks in advance.

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I use Neutrogena Radiance eye cream, but I apply it first, before the BP....while I'm waiting for my face to dry. I had real bad under eye wrinkles for the first month or so on the regimen, until I started appplying the eye cream first.

In fact I really freaked, like I was aging real fast, but I think you just have to do the eyes first. That way not only did you treat your eyes, but it provides a protective layer so if you accidentally get BP close, it has a hard time penetrating.

Oh and btw I dont get bags, but I do have dark circles which have been helped by this product also.

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Alternatively if you're rich. La Pararie eye management creme. It is around £400GBP.


Oh my.

Back to earth for a moment: where do you find Matis products? To be completely honest, I've never heard of them. (FYI, the "city" nearest to me is Peterborough...not exactly a shopping mecca.)


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This is the number of the supplier.

The product got reviewed in the daily mail. Hence i invested in it. It is a light yet nourishing cream which lasts a fair while too be honest. Can you used in the morning and/or a night.

Ring the number and they will dispatch it to you within 2-3 working days via recorded delivery.



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