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ChadwickVM's Regimen Logs

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Affected Areas

Face, chest, full extent of the back, shoulders.

Current Regimen

Morning: Wash for two minutes in shower with 10% BP Penoxyl bar soap.

Night: Sometimes wash with panoxyl for a few seconds to clear away dirt (if skin isn't too dry). Apply a good deal of Benzycline BP cream. Apply a good amount of perscription 12% ammonium lactate moistureizer.

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Got up this morning, rolled out of bed and just made it to class. Got back about 15 minutes ago.. That means i haven't been able to shower today and I feel disgusting. Nothing worse than that. Anyway, going to shower right now and put on my Benzycline once I get back from my group meeting.

I'll make sure tomorrow is better.

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Stress is piling up. After one day of no regimen plus two of unrelenting stress and work, I've broken out on my shoulders, back, and back of the neck near the hair line. They are cystic pimples; very large, and very painfull. My face has had some very tiny pimple sparsley across the board. I fear that it could get worse if this stress contines. Lucky for me it will be all over after I get out of class today. I put a large amount of BP cream everywhere. Hopefullly this will discourge any further eruptions.

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