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my regimen works for me.. yeah

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Since I’m so awesome.. I’m going to share with you all my regimen.. It’s pretty much the same as Dan’s, but with a little changes.. ;)

Btw.. I had a small amount of pimples before, a few here and there on my cheeks and sometimes even on my nose.. And some underneath my mouth… and a couple on my chin….Many on my forehead but hardly anyone noticed cause I wear bangs....

So I can’t assure you that this will work for severe acne…

Ok.. So in the mornings;

Cleanse your face with cetaphil

-------wait 15 mins

Apply BP gel all over face

-------wait 15 mins to 20 mins

Apply Olay complete plus moisturizer

-------wait 15 mins

Then the make up if you wish… I always wear make up.. All Maxfactor and maybelline liquid eyeliner

At evenings

Cleanse your face with Almay hipo allergenic milk plus (I use this so it can remove my make up)

-------wait 15 mins

Apply BP gel all over face

------wait 15 to 20 mins

Apply aveeno skin relief moisturizing cream… I always use this at night, because my face used to get all dry with the BP gel and now the dryness is gone, I don’t use it during the day because it looks kind of white and it doesn’t blend well with make up)

----then just go to sleep and you will have a smooth face and clearer for tomorrow..J

I recommend Aveeno skin relief moisturizing cream for everyone in general cause I’ve also went through that extremely dry skin, specially on my chin and around my mouth.. for about a week until I found this....I used Aveeno for just one night and on the next day it was 100% better.

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I wonder who else has tried the Aveeno skin relief. It may be a good nighttime substitution for Eucerin skin renewal since it's going off the market? I myself do not use moisturizer at night and always wear an SPF sunscreen during the day. I'll be chasing Eucerin for a while but others may have other interests or requirements.

I'm glad your regimen is working out for you, though!! :)

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