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my dermabrasion recovery time seems long

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my dermabrasion recovery time seems long. I had only my nose done cause there may be some plugs to do on my cheek, and I didnt want to do it all at the same time. This was like 12 days ago, and my nose is still oozing a bit. I used cream the whole time, so it didn't scab at all(also, it never bled at all). I figured it would have been all healed by now. Guess not. Does this sound right ? Should I stop the cream and let it crust over at this point ?

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Ease off a little. I don't think you should stop with the cream.

I know, but it just seems like I'm on the far end of recovery times.

This thing is all sorts of itchy too.

If I had done a full face, I would not have been able to go back to work for 3 full weeks.

right now, I'm telling everyone I hit a branch on the mountian bike.

I keep aticipating washing my face and have the old stuff slide off the new stuff, hasn't happened yet, and it still looks a little raw in some spots(most likey because I did like I was supposed to and kept it moist). Dr says its ok, but I was looking for others experiences.

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