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for anyone here whoe ever tried tca spot peel....

Hi guys,

i have read your thread about deep scar improve within 2 weeks.(robert's thread)

I had many treatments like 6x times glycolic peel (1x 20%, 4x 35%, 1x 50%) and 4x microderm.

but i just see little improvement with my scars (very minor) until i read ur thread

and i want to try treatment like layered tca

for anyone here whoe ever tried tca spot peel....

how many tca peel did you do until you see good improvement with your scars? and

what % of tca did you use ?

I have scars . they're like ice picks (but not deep and not much , but they're at my cheeks, so they're noticeable). they looked like scared pores.

may i use tca spot peel with 16% ? i will apply layered until frosted just in scar area


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I layered with 15% several times and am seeing a noticeable difference. A larger scar appears to be getting smaller. Be sure you are used to the tca since 16% could be quite strong and possibly damage your skin if you are not used to it. I started using the perfect complexion which is a 6-8 %. I think. Then went on to the 15% heavily layering in a spot. It frosts, turns red, then peels off in 2-4 days depending on the depth. It appears to be helping but I think it will take several of these peels to see good results.

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what means layering ? (sorry, maybe this question was already answered, but my english is not the best ...).

Does it mean to make one treatment on the first day, second treatment on the second day and so on? Or does it mean to make multiple layers within one treatment, and if it means this, how many time (seconds, minutes) should be between the single layers?

Thank you

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Tryingtoimprove :

thanks for your answer, and i want to ask you little question again

what kind of scar did you treat with spot layered tca ? is the result permanent ?

usually in the first treatment, how many layers did you apply ?

and when you did the spot layered tca,

did you do as same as the tca cross (poke the scar hardly) ?

i have some scared pores that i want to make them lose, i dun care about my ice pick scar

(because they're only 2 or 3 and they're not too deep)

may i use 20% for the scar layered

? or i have to use the 16% ?

thanks b4


usually we should wait 30 seconds and then we could apply the next layer.


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