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Anyone going to Louisiana?

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why don't go to the airlines' websites b/c they usually offer customers the chance to rent a car & hotel room right after the flight info. I know Southwest Airlines has a couple of flights each day to New Orleans & so do Delta and American. If this doesn't help, pm me & I'll call my cousins who have already moved back. Also, my dad is there every weekend & could find you something. When are you going?

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Hi Amnesiac,

How are you? I have not been on the board for a while. My scars have not been bothering me as much since the punch floats.

I was pretty satisfied with the punch floats Dr. Y. did. I am planning to go back next year to see Dr Y. for additional punch floats. I think they made a difference.

What about you? I know you were thinking about dermabrasion. Do you still want to get it.

Take care!

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I think a lot of the hotels aren't reopening to the public until 2006. Most of them are either damaged or being used as temporary housing for employees, volunteers. The Marriott is one that has or will reopen soon.


Have you talked to the staff at Dr. Loria's office? I'm sure they'll be able to help you out.

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You should look into Baton Rouge. It's alot nicer, cleaner, and safer than much of New Orleans. It is an hour drive or so, but may be worth it. Although, there was a huge migration there from New Orleans before/after the hurricane so not sure if it's the same.

I am looking to go to Metairie to see dr. loria about loron provedure but i can't find any hotel, can anyone suggest anything?

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hey wantperfectskin, well no i'm not going to do dermabrasion,

i'm planning on doing the loron procedure since i think it would be better than floats for me

i plan to do fraxel then

It's been a long time planning and saving but i'm feeling this is the right thing to do

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Wantperfectskin- Did you have dermabrasion after your punch floats? Or any other smoothing over procedure?

No, I did not have any procedure to smooth them over. I healed pretty good and I can not even tell where the punch floats were done.

I have about 2 ice pick scars that were pretty deep so I want to go back and have them done again. They filled in pretty good but they are still there. There might be other scars that I want Dr Y. to do. In my opinion, punch floats are one of the best procedures out there for ice pick scars.

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Amnesiac- Do you know what the difference is from theLoron procedure and subcision? And the cost? I too was concidering this since Dr. Y is unable to open his office at the present time.

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Amnesiac- Please keep us updated on your loron procedure. I have called and made an appt. on 11/22 to have the procedure done for my daughter. I feel like we can try this and see if we get enough improvement without getting punch floats. If not, we will prob go see Dr. Y for punch floats after he re-opens.

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