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How does the Purpose bar compare to Spectro Jel? I'm waiting for my order of BP jel to arrive and I'm not sure what cleanser I will stay with. Sometimes I use a Benzol peroxide cleanser (generic proactive wash or prescription wash 3%) and I find that longterm, my face is better while using these washes instead of a gentle one like Cetaphil. I've heard a few complaints about cetaphil not cleaning the pores well enough, etc. I placed a small order to Canada for Spectro Jel because I've heard even better things about that cleanser (#1 gentle cleanser?) I figure that once I start using the BP Jel, I should try not to use any benzol peroxide cleansers. So I'm thinking that either the Purpose bar or Spectro Jel will be given a shot. I'm pretty sure that Cetaphil cleansers (bars too) give me little bumps and white heads..sometimes big bumps even, but I think the big bumps are mainly due to areas that get too dry and clogged due to no exfoliation. I hate this.

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IMO, try SpectroJel. I've used so many cleansers, and I've found this to be the best. It's feels kinda weird at first though, sort of like applying oil to your face, but believe me, it's one of the most gentle cleansers out there. Only problem is though, is that it does NOT lather, so you can't use it as an alternative to shaving cream. SpectroJel's gotten pretty good reviews on this site too. :D

Oh and another piece of advice. Whatever you do, do not buy Got2B facial cleansers! You might as well wash your face with bleach! :evil:

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