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BP gel for greasy skin

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After quite a few years of post Accutane clear skin it has, for the last 10 months, become greasy. However at the moment there is very little actual acne, so is it worth using BP gel to dry it out or will this make it worse? Like I say despite the grease I'm basically clear but hate the feeling of it, although my derm. seems to think my skin is 'normal' (which I dispute)

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if u don't need bp, just wash ur face 3 times a day. it'll keep ur face dry.

that is exactly what you DON'T want to do!

Constant washing causes sebum pores to produce more oil, therefore making your face more greasy. Just don't wash with anything for 2 weeks and you will notice a difference.

If you weren't washing with anything before and you were still greasy. Wash your face with a GENTLE cleanser once a day

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yup, i would try using an oil free cleanser, and a small amount of bp...with a shine manager moisturiser.

use trial and error..if this doesnt help..change one variable at a time.EITHER...up your dosage of bp (meaning more moisturiser too though), try a cleanser with SA in it, or lower the amount of moisturiser you use.just do it slowly, give each one at least a week to see how your sin responds to it.

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