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Some factors that may aggravate Acne

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Certain things can aggravate, or worsen your acne. You will want to avoid these things while treating your acne, to ensure that you get the best results possible. Read below to catch up on the most common things that make acne worse.


Some individuals feel that certain foods make their acne worse. If you feel this is true for you, then avoid those foods. However, there is no clear scientific evidence that food plays a role in aggravating acne.


Some cosmetics can trigger acne by causing acne to flare without causing blackheads. They probably do this by irritating the pores which then swell and become blocked. Not everyone reacts the same to a cosmetic. Oil-free cosmetics are recommended, but some people react even to these. Non-comedogenic, or non-acnegenic cosmetics are also available for use.

Over washing:

Avoid over washing, acne is not caused by the lack of washing or by dirty skin. Blackheads are not black because of dirt, they are black because the air oxidizes the protein called keratin. Do not scrub or rub your skin excessively.

For more information on cleansing check out www.MildCleanser.ca


Sweating appears to worsen acne in 15% of acne sufferers. Humidity may also worsen the condition, avoid tight clothing as well.


Many students have reported that their acne gets worse during times of stress, such as when taking exams. However, it has been hard for doctors to prove or disprove this in clinical studies.

Sexual activity:

Sexual activity will not produce, cause, or influence acne, it’s the hormones that do that!

Contraceptive pills:

It's common for all women to have acne flare-up before their periods.

Estrogen is usually helpful for acne control

Progesterone may make your acne worse


Avoid doing this if possible, it could aggravate your acne and increase the risk of acne scarring.

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You're starting to become a spammer with these posts linking your website.

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