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This acne...it snaps my self confidence like a twig sometimes

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Sometimes I look at myself and smile, seeing vast improvement. Other times my face looks just bleh. And it's those latter times that I wonder how I can have such a severity changing type of acne...one moment it's looking under control and the next it's a breakout :doubt:

I finally found a reason to get rid of this crap, too. Before I didn't mind much, it was normal. Now I'm falling for this one girl, best person in the world. We talk often and do many things together, yet I feel as though she's staring at my acne, even though I know she isn't...I can't help but "worry". I want to change for her, not just for me. I know if she really does have the same feelings she should like me for who I am, but I want to change, so I can stop being self conscious. Yet if my face isn't bad enough, random patches appear on my neck and that's just...so evil. The day I tell her how I really feel I want to go up to her, acne defeated and feel great...but until then

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If she likes you for you---for your personality---then she can wait until you're clear. In the meantime, you can further your relationship with her. It'll take a while to be clear, but you can do it. You've got more the reason why to: you want to be clear for both you and her.

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