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My dermatologist perscribed me Benzaclin a while back (about April). He gave me 10 available refills on it, and I'm due back in August.

I've only finished 2 containers of the stuff, as it makes my face incredibly red and dry if I put too much on. I have to put the thinest layer of the stuff on my face. Is it supposed to only need a thin layer (opposed to a normal layer that one would apply of something like Differin, Tazorac, or any other topical gel/cream)?

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I've been using benzaclin for about a week and i have not experienced redness or peeling- and i'm using a pretty thin layer. It seems to be working pretty well. This stuff is already pretty powerful, i dont think you'll need to lay it on heavy. Try backing off a little and i think it'll get better. Just use a thin layer- less than you would use on other prescriptions. Good luck!

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I have been using benzaclin for about 3 wks now and that awful redness and peeling happened to me too. What I did is I gave my face a break from it for one day. I couldnt stand the itch and peeling! That day I moistorized with Purpose oil free/fragrance free + spf 15 face lotion the entire day. It worked great! The next day the peeling was gone and I just started all over again. Not going crazy on the Benzaclin this time! Just a thin layer, like they say. I guess we all just get eager and want to use it all!

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