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A description of my chin...

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It's blood red while the rest of my face is ghost white.

It has horrible skin peely things, LOTS

I have a bumfluff beard (not developed thickly yet) on my chin which i should shave. But i can't. I have been using a shitty electric one, but meh, that doesn't really do a good job and it makes my chin even worse. I'm too scared to jump into the whole cutting yourself shaving thing, i already have enough redness and imperfections on my skin.

This stops me going out, i've even rejected going to work somedays and cry instead.

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I don't think you should worry too much and just go to work. Thats something you have to do. Do you moisterize? If you chin is dry then you might want to if you don't. You don't always cut yourself when you shave with the non-electric one. I'm a girl so I wouldn't know much about it lol, but just be careful not to cut yourself. Have you heard of Nivea for Men aftershave balm? I'm not an expert but maybe that would help if you put it on after you shave. Who knows.

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This stops me going out, i've even rejected going to work somedays and cry instead.

Wow, I know how you feel, I thought Only I did that, Yes there were days when I cancelled sick because of the way my acne was. In fact, a couple weeks ago, I remember looking in the mirror at home before I went to work and thought i didn't look to bad, then after I got to work and worked through half my shift, i went to the washroom and there were new pimples, no need to explain the bastards, anyway at that point I even considered using a "leave early" to go home 'cause I couldn't bare having people see me like that for the rest of the night.

Lets see if I can keep this on topic and see what kinda advice I have...

My advice with acne and shaving is: you can't win!! Well, this is what I have found, if you shave TOO OFTEN (like everyday) it makes it worse, however if you shave NOT OFTEN ENOUGH it will also get worse, hence why I said you can't win.

I shave every second day, so the skin has time to recooperate from shaving without "too much" hair growth coming in to collect dirt and create more pimples.

for instance, last time I shaved was Last night at 11pm the next time I am going to shave is Tomorrow night. (I shave at night also because the instant you shave you are going to look like junk, everything is going to be red, and any pimples you have are now going to be bleeding, so I shave before I go to bed now when nobody is going to see my skin, and by the time I wake up in the morning I'm all ready to go.

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