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how to stop nose bleeds while on the tane


ive been on tane for a while and its now getting to the point where i can get nosebleeds at the most random of times for no particular reason. ie, not blowing my nose or anything.

this of course annoys the crap out of me. does anyone have any ideas to stop these nosebleeds? it happens to me so many times its ridiculous, sometimes from both holes!!!! and its not a few slow drops, it literally POURS out, disgusting.

if im lucky theres a toilet nearby and i just go in and cram 2 tissues up there and wait, othersiw im stuck walking around finding a toilet while holding my nose with tissues which looks stupid.

any advice will help thanks


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Moisturizing the mucous membranes in your nose is the only thing that will help. Try a saline nasal spray and follow it with a little Vaseline on a qtip to hold the moisture in, swab it around the surfaces up in there. Once at night may be enough, but if not try morning and night.

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What I'm doing to try to prevent this is:

1) Humidifier runs non stop in the house (it is in my bedroom so I get a good dose at night!)

2) Aquaphor dabbed inside nose. Hate the feeling of this, but it keeps it soft in the nose.

3) AYR Nasal Spray (recommended a lot by drs. in Colorado....dry climate!) There is also AYR Gel too.

I'm not very far into the course, but this is helping!

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