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My New Regime after a week of experimentation.

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Well I'm going to see how this works.

Morning/Night are the same

- Clean face with Oral-B 2 minute timer toothbrush and Spectro Combination Jel ( moisturizes & cleans ).

- Apply BP Jel - 5% PanOxyl in Aquagel

- Apply Minimal Amount of Eucerin 3% Urea Lotion ( All Eucerin Products are non-comedogenic )

Products, how they work pros and cons about the above.

Spectro Combination Jel

There's three types of Spectro, regular, combination, and dry skin. each are about the same except how they moisturize. Basically the regular has less than the latter two. I use combination because it evens all the skin out to equal dryness before anything is added.

Pros: it's a very good cleaner comes in a good 1 pump dispenser is fragrence free and if you get the combination you don't have to use water to rinse it off ( just use a tissue and wipe excess off and the rest acts as a lotion ).

Cons: Can't really think of any except it doesn't give a good sud / scrub feel and is rather light.

Cost: 13.99 CAD Per 500mL Bottle

PanOxyl Aquagel 5% BP

I guess I'm just using this because it's affordable and it is the biggest bottle of actual BP Jel I can find here in Canada. Dan's version I'm sure is better ( Never had the pleasure of using it ). But the international shipping/duty I would have to pay would kill!

Pros: Big bottle

Cons: 5% BP instead of 2.5%

Cost: 10.99 CAD Per 60g Tube

Eucerin 3% Urea Lotion

The lotion I cannot speak for it you have to use it because it's simply amazing. Unlike the skin renewal stuff it does not sting and I can't say how well this stuff moisturizes ( a simple drop will do half your face ).

Pros: Very VERY good moisturizer, takes very little time and amount to completely renew your skin.

Cons: Pricey and sometimes can make your face seem "gucky"

Cost: $16.99 CAD Per 250mL Bottle

Let me know what you think, or if you have any questions about the products.

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for those new users out there..i recomend 4% for 3 weeks....apply a thin layer on ur face ( juz to make ur skin ready for the 2.5 ) after 3 weeks...use 2.5 and spot treat them ( got my cleared this way )

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