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I THINK its working

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After about 1 month on this regimen. My chin is clear.

Like I remember when my chin was very mountainous. It had soo many whiteheads, that I was scared to touch my face because I was scared to cut myself :eh:

After I popped them (i know, bad idea), I smeared like 1/8 bottle of nuetrogena 2.5 bp JUSt on my chin. After a few weeks, they never came back. The only think I have left are small little pimples that blend in with my red marks. Theres really nothing white on my face now. I remember I used to have 1 cyst on each cheak in the same place for as long as I can remember. But, now they are downgraded into little pimples. I had a huge cyst on my forehead, and now its gone after around 2 weeks. The fact that bp gel makes the acne stop hurting, gives me a lot of hope to continue this regimen.

I found out, that I do not really have severe acne. Its just that my severe red spots make it look like I have severe acne. The bottom of my jaw only has like 3 pimples, and thats like a new record for me. My forehead has small pimlpes, but no one notices them unless they are really close. So... I guess I could say this regimen is working for me. The only problem so far is.. I keep getting acne, but I also destroy it. Its like an endless cycle, and I see new pimples each day. I hope I break it some day. Luckily, I only have like 3 whiteheads on my face. Its better than like 10, in which I used to get. I don't even have to use moisturizer, because I've gotten pretty used to be BP, and my skin is pretty tough I guess.


How many tubes of Neutrogena On the Spot BP should I go through in a month?

And when I put a lot of bp on, doesn't the majority of it just stay on the surface on my skin since the other 50-80% is already absorbed?

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I know this doesn't answer your question directly, but have you tried Dan's BP gel yet? It absorbs much more easily than Neutrogena OTS, so less will stay on the skin's surface. The tube is HUGE, so it's more economical than Neutrogena as well.

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