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my self esteem was just crushed

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i was ready to go hang out with some friends and before i was goin out my parents were like whats goin on with ur face.. and had to start talking to me about my acne (what im taking, what the derm is sayin etc) when i thought my face was lookin clear they who know me best, were able to notice it being worse :cry:

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I guess they were just concerned about you? But parents are only humans, and they can be in-sensitive too. :(

Poor you. I hate it when people give unwanted comments, or have bad timing about when they talk to you about spots. I have a salon and i get it all the time!!

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Yeah don't be sad, my mom always says that the older I got, the more ugly I am.

So whatever, I just ignore it. Thnk of happy thoughts and listen to music that always worked for me =)

Wow, you're mom's an asshole.

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Parents can be a lot more hurtful than strangers. They want you to be the best you can be but sometimes the wording they choose can be harsh and insensitive. I think it's just natural for them to notice the

"imperfections" of their children and to try and correct them. My mother has said some of the coldest things to me and insisted she was just trying to help.

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