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Why does this have to happen?

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I AM SICK OF ACNE! So i must admit that my break outs have become fewer, but it never completly goes away. I tried using tazorac for this week and my face peeled off and my scabs became bigger. Acne sucks. I am getting married in July and all i want is clear skin by then. I also cant stop picking at my face because i am so frustrated! Im sick of this. I know that i can have clear skin if i just stop picking at my small pimples. but for some reason i find joy in picking and then when i am finished i realize that i just created scabs all over my face. does any one else have this problem? I am just mad right now....

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I used to...it;s gross but i used to pop all my pimples that had the pus...yeah it was pretty gross..like 2-4 a morning...I went on Accutane about a month ago..right now I have one active pimple above my eyebrow and that's about it....side effects suck though..but yeah Acne Suks

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Guest tenshigirl25

yeah if u went on accutane in decmber u would have crstyal clear skin for your wedding.some poeple go on a low dose 20mg a day for 6 months. id try it if i was u..the more u touch, the more bacteria ur gonna spread, the worse done by your face is going to look..at least with accutane your gentle with your skin on purpose.

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