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Guest *Clara

Clearasil Ultra Treatment Cream

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Guest *Clara

Has anyone used this? This is the best BP I've ever used I think. I've used 10% with no results but this stuff works. I think it's because it has glycolic acid in it as well. It's really strong so I only use it as spot-treatment. Anyone have good results with this? The only downside to this I think is the price. 10 bucks is crazy. :rolleyes:

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i found this product to be terrible. it left horrible acne scars more than once. i wouldn't recommend it, but if you've been getting positive results- rock on.

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I used it for about 3 months earlier this year. After the first few days I started to clear and I thought I had finally found somthing that worked. It wasn't meant to be though. After about a month(maybe less) it stopped working and all it did was dry the heck out of my face.

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Star, the UK formulation is very interesting! There are some companies coming out with formulations now using hydrogen peroxide instead of benzoyl peroxide; one that comes to mind is Philosophy who puts out an acne kit.

Actually Murad's acne kit used to use a formulation of hydrogen peroxide along with salicylic acid, but now they've taken out the hydrogen peroxide and put in Triclosan instead - another antibacterial that's probably cheaper.

Interesting enough Paula Begouin, who prides herself on being the "cosmetics cop" here in the United States, recommended hydrogen peroxide as an effective acne antibacterial for YEARS...that is, until she came out with her own line of benzoyl peroxide acne products...then SUDDENLY hydrogen peroxide wasn't that great anymore!

I've done some research on-line and the few studies done on hydrogen peroxide and acne say it is an effective anibacterial, as good as benzoyl peroxide. Of course salicylic acid is a very well-accepted exfoliator, so the two together should do a good job. I actually wish we had the UK formulation for Clearasil Ultra here in the U.S!!

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